Westwood, David.


Revised ed., 2003. 95 pp., 24 photo-ills., over 130 highly-detailed drawings based on builders' original construction plans, with in-depth descriptive keys, & a 1/150 scale fold-out plan. D.j., 26 x 24cm. FINE. (See also, No. 124 above & 238 below) First published in 1984, this was one of the early, most sought-after, and most difficult to obtain numbers in the 'Anatomy of the Ship' series, and so this revised edition was published in 2003. The late Dr. David Westwood, some of whose books are included in this catalogue, especially in the Military section and in all three Ephemera sections, looks in-depth at the design, construction, general arrangements, machinery, armament, fire control, and fittings of the Type VII Second World War U-boats. When the ATHENIA, outward bound from Liverpool in 1939, became the first victim in the Atlantic, it was a Type VII U-boat that fired the fatal torpedo. Hitler began the war with 57 U-boats, of which just 18 were Type VIIs. This book examines in great detail their wartime development, illustrated with 24 photographs and over 130 highly-detailed drawings based on original plans.

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