Warner, Oliver.


FIRST EDITION, 1965. 254 pp., frontis., + 57 other plates & 5 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. V.G. The author describes the entire course of Nelson’s fighting career including his early successes and failures. Part One gives account of Nelson’s youthful actions in Nicaragua, Corsica, and off Cape St. Vincent when, after the latter action, the public began to take notice of this rising star in the Royal Navy. Part Two focuses in greater depth on Nelson’s major battles and achievements at the Nile – and its aftermath ; at Copenhagen and finally Trafalgar – his ultimate triumph obtained at the cost of his life. There is also an Epilogue : Napoleon on Board the BELLEROPHON. Plus two Appendices : Nelson’s Ships and Captains, and A Note on Sources. Illustrated with 58 plates and 5 maps. A second impression was published in 1971 but is inferior to this original edition.

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