Warner, Oliver.


1st.ed., Batsford, 1961. 184 pp., frontis + 35 other plates. D.j., 23 x 15cm. Torn d.j. with small loss (now in a protective sleeve) o/w V.G. Signature of A. B. Sainsbury, December 1967. (1925-2010) ; his copy. (See No. 193 above) A well-written account of the first successful British fleet action of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars of 1793-1815, with Lord Howe defeating Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse at a battle that became known as ‘The Glorious First of June’. Howe in this action of 1794 took six French ships-of-the-line and sank another, LA VENGEUR, without losing a single British ship. However, glorious as the victory was, strategically it was not successful as the precious convoy the French men-o’-war were protecting reached port in safety. In this excellent account of the battle, Oliver Warner introduces a considerable amount of hitherto unpublished material drawn from logs and manuscripts. This was the first comprehensive study of the battle to be published for a century and the first to examine Howe’s tactics in such detail. The action took place far out into the Atlantic (in the same area where BISMARCK would be sunk 147 years later) and is numbered among the great victories of the French Wars. Illustrated with 36 plates, the book also contains an epilogue on Naval Honours and Awards plus several interesting appendices.

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