Noel-Smith, Heather. & Campbell, Lorna M.


The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 1st.ed., 2016. Xii + 248 pp., 10 ills. D.j., 24 x 16cm. MINT. Captain Sir Edward Pellew held command of the frigate INDEFATIGABLE in which he engaged the French ship-of-the-line LES DROITS DE L'HOMME in 1797. Pellew's career is well known and remarkable and it culminated in him leading an Anglo-Dutch fleet against the Barbary States in 1816, bombarding Algiers into submission, and freeing 1,200 Christian slaves. Lord Exmouth, as he became, died in 1833 and was buried on the edge of Dartmoor. Less is known however, of the lives of the midshipmen under his care aboard the INDEFATIGABLE. This well-researched book has delved into numerous backwaters and dim archival corners to cut out details and anecdotes uncommon to most readers. Sixteen young men trod the decks of the frigate : Hon. George Cadogan, Jeremiah Coghlan, William Kempthorne, Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall, Henry Hart, Thomas Groube, Alex McIver, John McKerlie, John Thomson, John Gaze, George Chace, James Bray, William Warden, Philip Frowd, Richard Delves Broughton, and Robert Carthew Reynolds. In most cases their story has never been told ' until now. All but five enjoyed long lives, living well into the Victorian age ; one of their number, George Cadogan, until 1864 and the age of the ironclad. Their colourful lives are graphically and skilfully told ; an exciting read with a good deal of new and informative material. Highly Recommended. MINT copy.

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