[Marryat, Frederick. & Howard, Edward G.]


Paris : Baudry's European Library, French 'pirated' ed., 1837. 308 pp. Contemporary qtr. black morocco ; gilt decorative spine ; blue 'leaf' design boards. 21 x 14cm. Wear to edges of original boards ; general foxing ; o/w a tight & bright copy & V.G. Bookplate. First published in London in three volumes in 1837, this is a French pirated edition of the same year and was written chiefly by Edward Howard but in co-operation with his old shipmate, Frederick Marryat. Edward Howard (bap. 1793, d. 1841) was born in Reading, his mother being forced to marry Bernard Howard, heir of the 11th duke of Norfolk, she being pregnant when she eloped with her childhood sweetheart, Richard Bingham, heir to the first Lord Lucan. Edward was never acknowledged and was brought up by foster parents. At school he came to know the Marryat family. In 1808 Edward entered the Royal Navy and served in the AURORA for at least two years. He left the navy as a lieutenant with permanently damaged hearing and internal bleeding. In 1833 Marryat, with whom he had served in the navy, appointed him sub-editor of his Metropolitan Magazine. This arrangement came to an end in 1836 by which time Howard had seen published his Rattlin the Reefer which drew on his naval experience and which was a great success. The Old Commodore was less popular and none of his subsequent novels matched Marryat's success nor the success of 'Rattlin'. Howard died suddenly at the end of 1841 through internal haemorrhaging, a legacy from his naval career. His final novel, Sir Henry Morgan, the Buccaneer was published posthumously and was, ironically, critically acclaimed.

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