Knighton, C. S. & Loades, David.


Ashgate, Farnham & Burlington, for the NRS, 1st.ed., 2011. Xli + 652 pp., 3 maps. Blue cloth ; gilt. 23 x 15cm. FINE. A study of the naval affairs of Edward VI between 1547 and 1553, and Mary I between 1553 and 1558. War with Scotland had been instigated in 1542 by Edward’s father, Henry VIII, who died in 1547. James V of Scotland lay on his death-bed in 1542, allegedly from a broken heart but more probably from venereal disease, and James was succeeded by his daughter Mary, who was barely a week old, throwing the succession into immediate crisis. This brought Henry, who had defeated James at Solway Moss shortly before, additional power, both militarily and politically. He pressed the Scottish regency government for a marriage between the infant Mary and his own son, Edward, then aged about five. The naval, administrative and financial aspects of this period are examined in great detail. Edward fell ill and died at the age of fifteen in 1553. Mary Stuart was brought up in France where she married a French king, but on his death returned to her native Scotland. Elizabeth I chopped her head off in 1587. Appendices include a list of royal ships and prizes for this era of turmoil ; an invaluable aspect of the book in itself.

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