Keevil, J. J. / Lloyd, Christopher. / Coulter, Jack L. S.


4 vols., Edinburgh & London, 1st.eds., 1957, 1958, 1961 & 1963. Vol. I : (Keevil – 1200-1649). Xii + 255 pp., frontis + 14 other plates (1 fldg.). Vol. II : (Keevil – 1649-1714). Xii + 332 pp., 19 plates. Vol. III : (Lloyd & Coulter – 1714-1815). Xii + 402 pp., frontis + 15 other plates (1 fldg.). Vol. IV : (Lloyd & Coulter – 1815-1900). Xi + 300 pp., frontis + 12 other plates. All in their d.j’s. 23 x 17cm. Red lettering(as opposed to the black) on spines of dust jackets faded as usual ; tape marks on some (blank) endpapers ; inscription on e.p. of Vol. III ; o/w Nr.FINE. This major study was first undertaken by Surgeon-Commander J. J. Keevil, RN., who had served in the Royal Navy’s Medical Service with distinction during the war. His aim was to examine the development of medicine in a naval context, alongside the civilian setting for the various periods from which the sea-surgeons were drawn. The four volumes extend over a period of seven hundred years from 1200 to 1900, examining in detail English medical education and administration, methods of diagnosis and treatment, hospitals and nursing, and the social and economic development of medicine within the Royal Navy. The very shaping of history has depended on sea-power on the one hand, and disease and injuries on the other. Keevil, and his two successors, provide the first comprehensive historical account of the effects of the latter upon men serving at sea or elsewhere under naval conditions. The first volume, 1200-1649, is divided into three sections. [1] The Mediaeval Period – 5 chapters including Leeches, Barber-Surgeons & Apothecaries. [2] The Tudor Period – 5 chapters including The Way of a Sea-Surgeon. [3] The Early Stuart Period – 3 chapters including A Navy in Decline. The second volume, 1649-1714, is divided into two sections. [1] The Commonwealth & Protectorate Period – 6 chapters including The First Dutch War 1652-54 and The Spanish War 1654-59. [2] The Later Stuart Period – 9 chapters including The Second Dutch War 1665-67, The Third Dutch War 1672-74, The War of the League of Augsburg 1689-97, The War of the Spanish Succession 1702-13 and Naval Medical Reforms. The third volume, 1714-1815, is divided into four sections [1] The Medical Department – 7 chapters including The Sick and Hurt Board, The Cockpit, Sick Berth and Hospital Ship ; Hygiene – Ships, Ventilation and Clothing. [2] The Medical History of the Wars of the 18th Century – 6 chapters including The Expedition of Admiral Hosier, War of Jenkins’ Ear and The Austrian Succession, The Seven Years’ War, Nelson and the Surgeons and The Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. [3] The Naval Hospitals – 4 chapters including Greenwich, Haslar & Plymouth. [4] Sea Diseases – 4 chapters including Scurvy, Fever & Surgery. The fourth volume, 1815-1900, is contained within a single section with 15 chapters that include The Surgeon, The ‘Gilbert Blane’ Medal, The Naval Nursing Services, Victualling, Scurvy and the Arctic Voyages, The Convict Ships, The Crimean War, The West African Squadron, Other Sea Diseases, The Royal Naval Hospitals, and The Health of the Navy. These and other aspects of naval medical history are examined and discussed within four fascinating volumes, all illustrated with equally interesting plates.

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