Jameson, William.


1st.ed., 1962. 208 pp., 14 photo-plates + maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Torn dust-jacket with small loss ; light damp stain to lower boards ; GOOD. A record of great names and valiant deeds in the history of the Royal Navy’s submarine service, based on Admiralty documents and describing the deeds of the fourteen submariners to have been awarded the Victoria Cross. It begins with Holbrook who in B.11 sank the first battleship to fall victim to the new weapon in 1914. It ends with the exploits of Frazer and Magennis who, in the midget submarine XE 3, attacked and severely damaged a Japanese cruiser in 1945. In between the author describes the exploits of Boyle in E.14, Nasmith in E.11, Sandford in C.3, White in E.14, Wanklyn in UPHOLDER, Roberts and Gould in THRASHER, Miers in TORBAY, Linton in PANDORA and TURBULENT, and finally Cameron and Place in A.6 and A.7. Illustrated with 14 photographs plus maps.

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