Gibson, Langhorne. & Harper, Vice-Admiral J. E. T.


1STed., 1934. Xvi + 416 pp., 12 diagrams & 2 charts (all fldg & contained in rear pocket). Blue buckram ; gilt. 24 x 16cm. V.G.+. Published 18 years after the controversial engagement off Jutland, the authors remove the cloud of inaccurate reports and legends that had surrounded the affair since 1916. They were in a position to reach conclusions without Admiralty censorship that had withheld facts from the public for many years. Their aim was to provide a clear and accurate account of what took place at sea off Jutland, based on both British and German documents and sources, and to present the facts in an unbiased way in the hope that they could finally put to rest the air of mystery that had built up since the war. It is an essential book for any serious study of Jutland, illustrated with 12 folding diagrams and 2 folding charts in a rear pocket. There is also a useful bibliography of British, German and French books on the subject.

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