Domville-Fife, C. W.


1st.ed., 1938. 256 pp., frontis., + 76 other photo-plates. D.j. 25 x 19cm. V.G.+. Bookplate. A classic in the literature of sail, the author draws together personal reminiscences of old shellbacks still living before the last war, recalling first-hand experiences from the very men that manned the square-riggers from the 1860s to the early years of the 20th century. The 77 photographs were collected from all over the world and in themselves form a vivid portrait of life under sail. Contributors to the 19 chapters include Captain J. G. Bisset, Captain R. Barry, W. Deal, F. Cousins, Gerald Fort Buckle, Captain Archer Wayth, Edward Gordon, etc. Chapters include : Starvation. The LEICESTER CASTLE Affair. Hell Ship. Mutiny in the VERONCIA. A Shipwreck to Remember. Bound for Algoa Bay. Bound for the East in the TIPPOO SAHIB. Sail in the ‘Sixties. The Nigger of the CHELMSFORD. Posted Lost. Burned Out, and other fascinating accounts of the hard and perilous life of the seaman in the days of sail. Uncommon in its dust-jacket.

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