Corbett, Julian S. (Ed.).


NRS, 1st.ed., 1898. Li + 362 pp., guarded frontis. Blue/white buckram ; gilt. 24 x 16cm. V.G. Westfield College bookplate, Library label, & Presentation label (1952). Armorial bookplate of Gerald Francis Yeo (1845-1909), physiologist, born in Dublin. Yeo was appointed professor of physiology in King’s College, London in 1874, and in 1877 assistant surgeon to King’s College Hospital, but resigned his clinical appointment in 1880 in order to devote his time to physiology, achieving much alongside Professor David Ferrier. He was elected FRS in 1889, resigned his chair at King’s in 1890 and retired to Devon. Signed "Gerald Yeo, June 1898". Julian Corbett (1854-1922) examines the role played by the Royal Navy during the Spanish War of 1585-1587 and the significance of the war to the Spanish Armada of 1588. The book serves as a prologue to Laughton’s State Papers Relating to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada… also published by the Navy Records Society. Corbett divides the papers into three groups. (1) Papers relating to Drake’s Indies Voyage 1585-6. (2) Papers relating to Drake’s Cadiz Voyage 1587. (3) Miscellaneous papers relating to the mobilization and general administration of the Navy at the outbreak of the war. Corbett edited these papers and the NRS published them in the same year that his full-scale study Drake and the Tudor Navy appeared. The papers provide essential reading for a greater understanding of naval operations during this interesting era. Gerald Yeo’s signed copy.

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