Chair, Admiral Sir Dudley de.


1st.ed., 1961. 248 pp., frontis + 9 other photo-plates & 4 ills in text. D.j., 21 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. The author was a midshipman aboard the flagship of the British Mediterranean Fleet when it bombarded Alexandria in 1882. He went ashore as a volunteer to carry dispatches to an isolated fort in the desert but was ambushed and dragged before the rebel leader, Arabi Pasha, who was in revolt against the Khedive. Narrowly escaping being murdered by the Egyptians, the 18-year-old de Chair was thrown into prison in Cairo until freed by Sir Garnet Wolseley who captured the capital. Thus began an eventful naval career that brought the author into association - and conflict - with Churchill before the First World War. During that war de Chair commanded the Tenth Cruiser Squadron - the force that successfully blockaded Germany and stretched from the Orkneys to the Arctic.

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