Burt, R. A.


1st.ed., Arms & Armour, 1993. 414 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs & drawings. D.j., 25 x 25cm. FINE. The inter-war years was a significant period for battleship strategy, design and construction as various modifications and refits were carried out on older vessels while new tonnage laboured under the restrictions of the Naval Treaties. In this major study the author includes basic design features, armour, machinery, power plants and weaponry for every British capital ship of the period. He examines the performance of the Royal Navy's battleships after they went to war in 1939, and reports on how the various materials and equipment stood up to attack. All British battleships and battlecruisers of this era are covered, supplemented by an account of the aircraft carrier conversions of the First World War battlecruisers FURIOUS, GLORIOUS and COURAGEOUS. The book is arranged as follows : Evolution of the Dreadnought. Post-war Re-organization and Naval Treaties. Introduction. Early Classes that Survived the Great War. Iron Duke Class. Queen Elizabeth Class. Royal Sovereign Class. REPULSE and RENOWN. The Genesis and Development of the Aircraft Carrier. FURIOUS. GLORIOUS and COURAGEOUS. HOOD. NELSON and RODNEY. King George V Class. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index. A masterpiece of research, the comprehensive text is accompanied by detailed tabular data and the finest collection of graphic and photographic illustration ever offered in such a work - and mostly hitherto unpublished. This is a FINE copy of Burt's excellent study.

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