Boniface, Patrick.


Liskeard, 1st.ed., 2013. Viii + 248 pp., profusely with photographs. D.j., 25 x 20cm. FINE. Following the struggle during the early part of the Battle of the Atlantic when the Royal Navy was desperately short of escort vessels, plans were drawn up for a new frigate construction programme which would utilise pre-fabrication techniques in order to hasten construction and to use multiple dispersed building yards to minimise destruction from enemy bombing raids. The result was the Loch class, amongst the finest anti-submarine frigates to enter service with the Royal Navy during the Second World War, although most of them only came on line from 1944 onwards. The projection was to build 110 frigates of the class, but with the Axis defeat only 28 were completed. The author provides a detailed account and career history of each of these frigates, from LOCH ACHANALT to LOCH VEYATIE, each with its own chronology. Appendices provide construction and technical specifications and the book is profusely illustrated with photographs.

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