Sandall, Howard J.


Schiffer, Atglen, 1st ed., 2011. 304 pp., cold., frontis., + numerous photo-ills., & ills., some cold., + a cold., map. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE. Signed by the Author and Eleven 622 Squadron Crew on the title-page, 2 of whom were awarded the DFC. 622 Squadron was just one of many Bomber Squadrons whose airmen carried out nightly missions, putting their "lives on the line" for King and Country during World War II. This account is relayed through the memoirs, diaries and letters of the men and women who fought and died throughout this dark period. These young men came from all parts of the Commonwealth to unite under the banner of freedom and democracy. By wars end, they had forged themselves into one of the most formidable fighting forces in the history of air warfare. This is a particularly collectable copy because it has been Signed on the title-page by the Author and Eleven 622 Squadron Crew, Two of whom were awarded the DFC and are mentioned in various places in the book : F/Lt. John L. Cox, DFC, RAF, is mentioned throughout Chapter 15 where it records how he and his crew "completed a full tour of operations with 622 Squadron from August 1944 to January 1945. F/Lt. Cox was awarded a well deserved DFC for bringing his Lancaster home after he had sustained injuries on a mission to Homberg in November 1944." The chapter contains a clear photograph of Cox as well as his personal account of another mission in December 1944. For F/Lt. Thomas John Maxwell, DFC (Immediate), RAF, the book contains citations for his immediate award of the DFC. He carried out numerous sorties against Stuttgart and other heavily defended German targets, throughout which Maxwell was reported by his Commanding Officer as "applying his skill as a Gunnery Officer with outstanding ability'with complete disregard to personal safety and outstanding gallantry." On the night of the 15th / 16th March, 1944, Maxwell was shot down, made an escape and immediately reposted for further operational duty as an Air Gunner. He was also reported as missing on his sixth operational flight. Maxwell wrote the Foreword to this book and is mentioned on eight separate pages, along with a couple of photographs of himself. Signed by the Author, 11 Squadron Crew Members, including Two Receivers of the DFC.

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