Monforton, Paul H.


Monforton Press, Ontario, 1st ed., 2008. 432 pp., 890 full cold., photo-ills., with 133 pp., of cold., ills. D.j., 31 x 26cm. Brand New (still in cellophane wrapping) MINT. This pictorial study of the Spitfire Mk. 9 & 16 has been strongly praised for the attention to detail it gives in its information and in the thoroughness of its photographs and dimensioned drawings. The meticulous attention to engineering detail provides what is usually only obtained by visiting an actual aircraft and the author conveyed this from his own intensive examination of four examples of the Spitfire found in Canadian museums. It includes an extensive representation of panel lines and over 46,000 rivets. The book has been formatted with large colour photographs so that detail can be easily studied whilst several images at differing angles of view serve to illustrate each area of the complete aircraft. Line drawings have been painstakingly drafted and dimensioned on CAD software using original Supermarine factory drawings. Included are ordinate tables for all wing ribs, fuselage frames and stab. ribs. There is sufficient information for those who wish to design and build their own model or perhaps make a start on a homebuilt. SCARCE.

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