Mason, Francis K.


2nd ed., 1983. 200 pp., frontis., + numerous photo-ills., + some ills. D.j., 24 x 17cm. FINE. Without the Harrier and Sea Harrier, Operation 'Corporate' ' the Falkland Islands campaign ' could never have succeeded. In this new, updated edition of the definitive book on the Harrier, the author describes the early post-war experiments with vertical take-off aircraft and the political climate in which Hawker persevered with their P 1127 design in the face of official apathy. The author points out that it was only thanks to American enthusiasm and substantial funding that the Bristol vectored-thrust Pegasus turbofan was brought to fruition, and without this engine there may never have been the Harrier. The book traces every stage of the Harrier's evolution, flight trials and operational success with the RAF, Royal Navy, US Marine Corps and Spanish Navy. It discusses the problems inherent in V/STOL operations and not only provides a detailed description of the Harrier's structure but also a complete list of every aircraft built to date, with brief histories of each.

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