Lee, David.


1st ed., 1983. 330 pp., ills. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Small owner's label to f.f.e.p., (blank) o/w Nr.FINE. In biplanes, first Wapitis then Harts, the author patrolled the North West Frontier of India in the early 1930's. From time to time he was shot at by recalcitrant and sometimes, distinctly unfriendly tribesmen who had the same attitude to aeroplanes as Scottish lairds have to grouse. But then why should bird-like intruders, British at that, be allowed to interfere with completely private mountainside squabbles ? The pilots too might well have asked ; it was difficult enough trying to avoid thousands of feet of sheer mountain rock on either side of each wingtip without any additional problems. The author, an official RAF historian of the MOD, doffs his academic hat and tells a humorous tale of a life which few will recall.

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