Lee, Arthur Gould.


1st ed., 1965. 272 pp., frontis., + 31 photo & other plates + 2 ills. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Upper and lower edges of inside flaps (only) of d.j., very narrowly trimmed, not affecting any text, & taped down to e.p.'s resulting in tape to d.j., & blank pasted e.p.'s ; owner's details & label to top corner of f.f.e.p., o/w clean text & V.G. The Texan-born cowboy and showman, Samuel Franklin Cody, became the first man to build and fly an aeroplane in Britain. He made his historic first flight in October 1908. After months of further experiment, with frequent crashes and the derision of a sceptical press, came the legendary Flying Cathedral, the largest plane in existence, on which he flew 40 miles cross-country, a world record. A British subject now, he built a succession of these big biplanes, on which he went from success to success, his most stupendous triumph being in August 1912 when he and his Cathedral won the Government Military Trials against the competition of the world's greatest aeroplane constructors and pilots. He was now Britain's premier and most popular pilot but tragedy struck a year later when his newest Cathedral broke up in the air resulting in Cody's death.

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