Flammer, Philip M.


The University of Georgia Press, Athens, USA, 1st ed., (hardback) 1981. Xi + 249 pp., various photo-plates + 2 maps. D.j., 23 x 15cm. Some underlining & ticks etc., to latter sections ; owner's signature & inscription o/w V.G.+. Signed & dated by the Author on the half-title page. This book recreates the story of the famed Lafayette Escadrille, the American volunteer unit which fought with the French during World War I. The Lafayette Escadrille came into existence as a unique and elite squadron, destined for world renown even before it flew its first mission. The stirring initiative of the Americans in volunteering to fight and fly for France long before their own country entered the war ignited the admiration of the world. Their role as the "vanguard of American volunteers" and the remarkably high calibre of the Lafayette Escadrille pilots easily set them apart. The glamour of aviation in the Great War, a direct consequence of the grim, hero-less contest on the ground, highlighted combat flying and gave pilots a special place in the public imagination. However, when the war ended, widespread appreciation for crusading idealism lay buried in the ruins, and with it the true story of the Lafayette Escadrille. Based on extensive research in Europe and America, including many interviews with survivors, this fully documented study is the first complete scholarly account of this singular volunteer fighting unit. Signed by the Author.

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