Scotland, Lt. Col. A. P.


1st ed., 1957. 203 pp., several photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. A very small scuff & some typical light wear to d.j., but no loss o/w V.G.+. Amazingly the author of this book, an Englishman, served in the German Army – at the suggestion of the Germans themselves – for the duration of the Hottentot rebellion, thereby gaining an intimate knowledge of the organisation and equipment of the German military machine. He grew to know, by close contact, the habits, language and mental outlook of the German soldier. This knowledge was the basis of his achievements in espionage, interrogation and undercover work in the two world wars. His reputation also led to a strange meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1937 at the house of a mutual friend. His career reached its zenith in 1947 when, as Chief Officer of the War Crimes Investigation Unit, he played such a decisive part in bringing Nazi war criminals to book.

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