Potts, Mark. & Marks, Tony.


2 Vols. Nantwich. Vol. I : 1st ed., 2006. 255 pp. Vol. II : 1st ed., 2007. 222 pp. Both Volumes with numerous photo-ills. D.j.'s, 30 x 21cm. FINE Set. This two-volume publication contains a collection of local war-related images acquired over a decade which reflect and record life during the war years, in and around the towns of Crewe and Nantwich. The first volume, which briefly features the earlier Victorian conflicts, concentrates mainly on the two world wars. The second volume begins with images relating to the Battle of Nantwich during the English Civil War, touches upon the Boer War, but again concentrates on the First and Second World Wars. Two chapters focus upon the men and women of the Borough who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Only one copy of the second volume is listed on COPAC, with no copies of the first volume being listed at all : VERY SCARCE. Two Volumes Complete.

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