Ponting, Clive.


1st ed., 1995. Xxiii + 312 pp., 5 maps. D.j., 24 x15cm. Red area on spine of d.j., typically faded o/w FINE. This reassessment of the Second World War contains new facts, asks provocative questions, challenges many of the common assumptions and avoids conventional chronological accounts in order to concentrate on the deeper forces shaping the origins, course and outcome of the war across the globe. It analyses how and why the war spread from being a limited European conflict to the only global war, why countries were dragged into the fighting and how only a small number of neutral states escaped. It compares the two alliances, how they mobilised their resources and their strategies for victory. It concentrates on the impact the war had on individual soldiers, sailors and airmen and on the fate of civilians facing occupation, resistance and liberation.

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