Nob?court, Jacques.


1st ed., 1967. 1st English translation 1967. 302 pp., photo-plates + 7 maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. The story of one of the most dramatic battles of the Second World War is here told adequately for the first time, not a few legends being disposed of in the process. Just when Germany seemed on the verge of complete collapse with her armies driven from Normandy almost to the Rhine, she launched a stunning counterattack. In the same unlikely area of the Ardennes, with the same Rundstedt in command and with much the same intentions, the Panzer armies of December 1944 repeated the surprise of 1940 and succeeded again in achieving a spectacular breakthrough. The balance of strength was now very different, but there were virtually no Allied reserves and it required every resource of men and material to contain the irruption. In this well-documented study, the author applies fine analysis to both the military and the more political aspects of the battle.

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