Moltke, Field Marshal Helmuth von.


Greenhill, 1st ed., thus 1992. Xvi + 447 pp. D.j., 22 x 13cm. Spine of d.j., slightly faded o/w FINE. Helmuth von Moltke consolidated the German Empire in 1871 after his triumphs in the Franco-German War. Against military autobiography in principle, he was nevertheless prevailed upon to write the history of this war, thus achieving for the reader the best of both worlds ' a careful and accurate description of events, combined with insights into strategy which, as commander, only he could authoritatively give. From the preparations for war and the combat of Weissenburg on 4th August 1870, the author sweeps the reader through his carefully planned campaign including every stage of the war up to the armistice and the homeward march of the victorious German army.

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