McGuirk, Dal.


1st ed., 1987. 192 pp., cold., photo-plates + a wealth of b&w photo-ills. D.j., 26 x 20cm. FINE. This book is based on a unique private collection of Afrikakorps military artefacts – uniforms, field equipment, weapons, insignia, medals, diaries, pay-books, letters, postcards and a collection of over 2,000 unpublished photographs, many of which now appear in this book and include the most comprehensive colour record ever of the uniforms and equipment that the German Army carried with them to North Africa, complete with informative captions. Other sections of the book deal with the effects of the Allied ULTRA Operation on Rommel’s campaigns, the character of Rommel himself as seen by members of the Afrikakorps and the German newspapers of the day, the workings of the German Army revealed by military documents of the period, and hitherto unrecorded aspects such as burials and graves and health and hygiene in North Africa. The book offers a unique perspective on the German Allied Forces that fought in North Africa under Rommel from 1941-43.

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