McCallion, Harry.


1st ed., 1985. 281 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 15cm. FINE. Harry McCallion joined the Paras and served for seven years including six tours in Ulster. Then came two years with the Recces, the South African Special Forces, during which, it is revealed here for the first time, Harry and a small group attempted to assassinate Robert Mugabe and Joshua N'Komo. Harry returned to England and passed the rigorous selection procedure for the SAS. After arduous training he served for six years in the elite force, and played, with others, a role in the Falklands conflict which has not previously been made public. He also served two tours with the SAS anti-terrorist team. On leaving the SAS he joined the RUC and spent six years policing the trouble spots of Belfast. His career ended after a near-fatal car crash.

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