Habe, Hans.


1st ed., 1942. 280 pp. D.j., 22 x 14cm. D.j., repaired with a loss of 2.5cm to spine & some other very small chips o/w V.G. This is a soldier's story of the fighting of the summer of 1940, when the French army broke under the onrush of Hitler's Panzer divisions. In May the Twenty-first Regiment of Volunteers was still in Alsace waiting for the war to begin. War came; and, ill-equipped as they were, the soldiers fought and retreated, fought again and retreated. The author was captured and put in a prison camp but it became apparent he must escape to avoid the concentration camp as soon as his identity was established as the author of novels which had already been burnt by the Nazis. He tells of his perilous escape from the Nazi camp discipline and through Nazi-occupied Lorraine and France.

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