Eton, P. & Leasor, J.


1st ed., 1960. 239 pp., photo-plates + maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. 1 library label to blank prelim & 2 stamps to rear inside flap of d.j.; spine of d.j., faded o/w V.G. In 1941, during the German invasion of Yugoslavia, four German soldiers in a scout car stopped a speeding truck and found millions of pounds' worth of gold bullion. A chance discovery it was to change their lives and set in motion a chain reaction of violence, fear and sudden death. Two years later the great loot of Rommel's Afrika Korps was on its way to Germany by special ship, but the trip was never completed ' the ship was attacked from the air and the treasure dumped overboard to be recovered later, but the whereabouts of the treasure remains a mystery leaving many questions unanswered. In an assignment that lasted two years and took them to Yugoslavia, France, Germany, Italy and Corsica, the authors discovered that around so many of these unanswered questions had been woven a strange conspiracy of silence. Too many people knew too much ; many had died ; others lived on borrowed time. A gripping narrative account of an on-going search.

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