Davis, Brian L.


Blandford Press, Poole, rep., 1986. Unpaginated ; 214 photo-ills. D.j., 25 x 19cm. A little creasing to the laminated layer but not to the d.j., o/w Nr.FINE. Hitler raised 40 Waffen-SS Divisions ' seven armoured divisions which formed the core, eight armoured infantry, sixteen infantry, six mountain and three cavalry divisions. Strict racial and physical selection of members was insisted on as was political indoctrination. This book comprises 214 photographs featuring the combat SS units, including the SS-VT and the early 'German' Waffen-SS regiments, together with many of the West and East European Volunteer Units arranged in order of the theatres and campaigns in which the Waffen-SS fought. The photographs are specially selected to show SS troops under combat conditions, as well as important functions, such as parades and march pasts, and in training.

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