Wurtzburg, C. E.


Edited by Clifford Witting. 1st.ed., 1954. 788 pp., port. frontis., + 19 other plates & map e.p's. Black cloth ; gilt. 23 x 15cm. Old tape marks on pastedowns and tiny reference number on lower spine o/w Nr.FINE. The stamp of Glen Line on verso of frontis ; their copy. The author, Charles Edward Wurtzburg, was born in 1891 and after leaving Cambridge he served with the Liverpool Rifles (T.F.) during the First World War and was awarded the Military Cross. In 1920 he went out to Singapore where he became chairman of Mansfield & Co. Ltd., chairman of the Straits Steamship Co. Ltd., and an unofficial member of the Legislative Council of the Colony. In 1937 he returned to England as managing director of Glen Line and chairman of McGregor Gow & Holland. He went on to hold important posts both during and after the war, and died in April 1952. During his time in Singapore he inevitably became focused on Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. He found the Victorian biographies were not entirely satisfactory and so set about collecting every detail he could in order to produce one of his own - this is the result - brought to press after the author's death. It is a detailed account of the life of Raffles from 1781 to his untimely death at the age of 45 in 1826. In 1795, at the age of 14, Raffles obtained employment with the East India Company in London, and first went out to the Far East aboard the WARLEY, escorted by HMS BLENHEIM, arriving in Penang in 1805. The author then describes in detail the remarkable career of Stamford Raffles in Penang, Malacca, Calcutta, Java, Bencoolen and Singapore up to his return to England in 1824 ( when his ship caught fire ) and his death two years later. The book is illustrated with 20 plates and also contains six appendices including : Olivia Mariamne Raffles. Chairmen & Deputy Chairmen of the East India Company. Dutch Governors-General of Java. The Raffles Family. Rulers of Rhio-Johore and Singapore. Etc. Raffles assisted in the reduction of Java and was appointed its lieutenant-governor until Java was restored to the Dutch in 1815. During his time in the Far East he acquired an immense scientific, historical and philological knowledge in regard to the local islands, which he embodied in his History of Java published in 1817 - the year he was knighted. From 1818 he resided chiefly in Bencoolen to which he was appointed governor by Lord Minto. In 1819 he persuaded the East India Company to acquire the island of Singapore. An excellent biography of a remarkable man ; Glen Line's own copy.

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