Taylor, James.


1st ed., 1976. 320 pp, 8 cold. plates & 41 photo-ills. D.j. 25 x 18cm Nr.FINE. A history of the mighty Ellerman shipping empire founded by John Reeves Ellerman who, at the age of 30, became chairman of the Leyland Line. Within 10 years he had amassed a fortune of several millions and bought several shipping companies. His death in 1933 signalled the end of an era. Ellermans, however, was carried forward by his son, the new baronet, and he was no less brilliant than his father. His sudden death in 1973 took away the last family connection although the enterprise continued. The author examines the history of Ellermans ; the development of the first shipping conferences ; the exploits of their ships and crews in both World Wars ' including the famous ball-bearing run when seamen fought with a courage that was recognized by the award of so many decorations for bravery. The book also includes accounts of the London, Liverpool & Ocean Shipping Company ; Papayanni ; City Line ; Montgomerie & Workman ; Hall Line ; Westcott & Laurence ; Bucknalls ; Wilson Line ; etc. Illustrated with 8 coloured plates and 41 photographs.

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