Tarrant, V. E.


Arms & Armour, 1st.ed., 1994. 256 pp., 50 photo-plates + maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author examines in detail the final year for Hitler's navy which in reality had lost the war in the Atlantic in 1943. However, a year later it still entertained high hopes that its new weapons would yet bring victory. During those final 12 months of conflict, Allied industrial bombing, superiority at sea, and German technical delays, all combined to ensure that Germany's new 'wonder' weapons would never reach their potential. The Kriegsmarine had been unable to prevent the invasion of Europe and only small units of E-boats, the odd destroyer or U-boat ' and bizarre semi-suicide weapons ' could be deployed to counter the vast invasion force off the coast of Normandy. The full range of human-torpedo, explosive motor boat and one-man V-boat operations ' hitherto barely recorded ' are listed and described. So too the fate of Germany's last remaining battleships and cruisers, and the surviving U-boats that continued the fight to the last day of the war. Illustrated with 50 photographs and containing many informative and useful appendices, the author has produced a fascinating account of a single year at war. FINE copy.

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