Plevy, Harry.


Spellmount, Stroud, 1st.ed., 2006. Xvi + 272 pp., 19 photo-plates + maps in text. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Two Obituaries tipped in : Captain Robert Franks 1912-2007 ; Vice-Admiral H. G. de Wolf 1903-2000. The human aspect of the destroyer battles during the first eight months of the Second World War, based on material hitherto unpublished. The author explains the political, strategical and tactical background to the naval operations in which British destroyers played a pivotal role. While the RAF and the Army struggled to get their act together during the so-called 'Phoney War', the Royal Navy's destroyers were kept busy defending shipping routes, attacking U-boats, rescuing British POWs, fighting fierce battles at Narvik, and evacuating British and French troops from Dunkirk. Their crews lived a harsh existence in the hostile waters of the North Sea and Atlantic. The author draws on eye-witness accounts and British, German, Polish, French and Norwegian sources. Two relevant obituaries tipped in.

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