Pack, Capt. James.


1st ed., Havant, 1982. 200 pp., 7 cold. plates (1 double-page) + many additional photo & other ills. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. Signed Presentation Copy from Captain James Pack to the late Dr. Colin White, inscribed : "To Colin, to whom I owe so much. Best wishes. Jimmy Pack. 5/XI/1982". (Both Jimmy Pack & Colin White were former Directors of the RNM, Portsmouth). The late Jimmy Pack examines the social life of the Royal Navy from 1655 onwards as told through the history of naval rum, or, as one of its nicknames in the Navy has it, 'Nelson's Blood'. Rum was introduced in the West Indies as a substitute for English ale by Admiral Vernon. The watered-down version he sanctioned became known as 'Grog' from the old grogram coat that Vernon wore. On July 31, 1970 ' 'Black Tot Day' to the sailors ' the last up spirits was piped in H.M. Ships as it was decided that the modern technical Navy required ratings with a clear head ! A unique Signed Presentation Copy reflecting professional life and relationships at the former Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth.

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