Mills, Simon.


Waterfront Publications, Poole, 1st.ed., 1992. 56 pp., many photo-ills., + drawings & plans. Pict. c.c., 27 x 21cm. FINE. A pictorial record of the largest British passenger liner ever built before the QUEEN MARY, a ship that had two sisters - the highly successful OLYMPIC and the ill-fated TITANIC - but enjoyed only a brief career before becoming a casualty of war. The White Star liner BRITANNIC was built at Belfast like her sisters, but war overshadowed her completion, and her luxurious staterooms were never destined to be put to the use intended. Instead she became a Hospital Ship and sailed for the Mediterranean where she sank in 1916 after striking a mine laid by a U-boat. Illustrated with many photographs, this is a fine copy of the scarce original edition of 1992.

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