Mersey Docks & Harbour Board.


Liverpool, 1st ed. Thus (11th issue), 1947. 87 (advt.) + 118 pp., aerial view of the port (cold. & fldg.) ; frontis., + numerous other sepia photos & reproductions. Pict. c.c., 23 x 17cm. V.G. The first handbook in this format for the Port of Liverpool was published in 1911. In 1947 the port was emerging from six long years of war when Liverpool was on the front line with regard to vital foodstuffs and war materials coming into Britain from North America and elsewhere. This was the first post-war handbook ; the previous, tenth issue, had appeared ten years earlier. The book covers all the varied aspects and duties of the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board, including Dock Masters, Traffic Department, Graving Docks, Pilotage, Buoying, Lighting, Dredging, etc. The book also covers its Railway links, its Warehouses, the Landing Stage, Mersey Tunnel, Trade Associations, Insurance Companies, Exchanges, Canals, etc. During the war the Port withstood 68 bombing raids between 29th July 1940 and 10th January 1942. The destruction in the docks was enormous ' Huskisson Branch Dock No. 2 was completely destroyed when Brocklebank's MALAKAND, with 1,000 tons of shells on board, received a direct hit (as photographed here). Despite all this ' and the destruction to the town and to the homes of dockers near by ' Liverpool dealt with 120,000,000 tons of ocean-going shipping and 23,000,000 tons of coastwise shipping ; vessels dodging mines and U-boats in the approaches to the Mersey. An Important post-war issue.

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