Macintyre, Donald.


1st.ed., 1964. 216 pp., 51 photo-plates. D.j., 23 x 15cm. Some pencil markings o/w V.G. With the signature of "A. B. Sainsbury. 22. 2. 64". (The late Captain Tony Sainsbury, RNR.,1925-2010 ; his copy with his pencil markings & newspaper reviews, tipped in.) One of Batsford's 'British Battles' series with its attractive dust jacket, Captain Macintyre provides an authoritative account of the struggle to control the Mediterranean basin during the Second World War. This was a struggle that lasted for almost three years from Italy's entry into the war in June 1940, to the surrender of the Axis forces in Tunisia in May 1943. Upon the outcome of this campaign depended the fate of North Africa and Britain's vital supply of oil from the Middle East. The author describes Taranto and its aftermath, the intervention of the Luftwaffe which forced the Allies to evacuate Greece and Crete, the British submarine strikes at Rommel's lifeline from Malta, the massacre on the Libyan supply route, the siege of Malta, Rommel's fatal blunder at Tobruk, and the final surrender of the Italian Navy. Illustrated with 51 photographs. Captain Tony Sainsbury's copy.

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