MacAlindin, Bob.


Whittles Pub., Caithness, 1st.ed., 1998. Xii + 146 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs & reproductions. Pict. c.c., 24 x 17cm. FINE. Complete with Errata slip taped into p. 31. A chain of incidents taken from the 250-year history of the lightship as their crews, always in danger of being run down by larger vessels, manned their stationary craft in all weathers in order to guide the mariner to safety. Includes LS 83 (Blunt's Reef) ; LV COMET (Daunt Rock) ; LV 90 (South Goodwin) ; BF 7 (Ruytingen 1938) ; the lightships of Channel Rock, Falls, and the Yangtze River ; the German lightship ELBE 1 that disappeared with all hands in front of the horrified eyes of a British captain during a fierce storm in 1936 off the mouth of the River Elbe. These and other true stories are recalled in this illustrated study.

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