McLaughlin, Redmond.


1st.ed., 1974. Xii + 180 pp., 18 photo-plates + maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. The escape of the German battleship GOEBEN in the early stages of the First World War cast a long shadow over world events and eventually led to the failure at Gallipoli. The author bases his research on material that had only recently been made available in 1974, and upon German documents never previously translated. The episode involved a number of leading figures from Churchill and Fisher a thousand miles away at the Admiralty ; to Admiral Sir Berkeley Milne "a man of such utterly effete incapacity", and Admiral Troubridge whose integrity cost him his career as although he came through his court-martial he was never forgiven by either Churchill nor Fisher. On the enemy side we find Enver Pasha who dragged Turkey into the war ; and Rear-Admiral Wilhelm Souchon commanding the GOEBEN and BRESLAU as they formed the Mittelmeer-Division. These characters clashed in one of the most remarkable episodes of the First World War. FINE copy.

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