Knollys, Lt.Col. & Elliott, Major.


Dean & Son, 1st.ed., N.D. (c.1902). 341 pp., port. frontis + many other cuts (some double-page) & vignettes. Red/green cloth ; gilt. 19 x 13cm. Leaves browned, chiefly to edges ; prize presentation stamp (1902) to f.f.e.p. o/w V.G.+. A biography of Lord Cochrane, the controversial Tenth Earl of Dundonald, whose extraordinary life reads like a fast-moving novel. As captain of the SPEEDY, Cochrane drove fear into the hearts of the Spaniards during the Napoleonic Wars. He placed before a startled Admiralty a number of inventions, way ahead of their time, not to mention a plan to assassinate Napoleon. At the Basque Roads he sailed his fireships into the French fleet, but never far from controversy, he crossed swords with Gambier, his superior officer. Embroiled in a Stock Exchange swindle, Cochrane went to prison, was stripped of his honours, removed from the Navy List, and exiled overseas. Here he helped South American countries to drive the Spanish from their shores, and led the Greek Navy to victory during their struggle for independence. Eventually allowed to return home, his honours restored along with his place on the Navy List, he settled in his native Scotland as an Earl and wrote of his remarkable naval life and exploits. An Edwardian study with many wood-cuts.

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