Howe, Octavius T. & Matthews, Frederick C.


2 Vols., Marine Research Society, Salem; FIRST EDITIONS, 1926 & 1927. Vol. I : Xv + 373 pp., cold. frontis + 56 other plates. Vol. II : Xi + pp. 374 to 780 ; cold. frontis + 56 other plates. Both volumes in their original blue cloth ; gilt. 26 x 19cm. V.G.+. The standard history of the American clipper ship published in two handsome volumes by the Marine Research Society of Salem during the mid-1920s. American shipbuilders built some of the finest clipper ships in the world and gave Great Britain stiff competition in the trades between Europe and America to China and Australia during the mid-19th century. In these two volumes the authors arrange alphabetically every American clipper from the first ship built on clipper lines that could be called large : the ANN McKIM launched at Baltimore in 1833 and in her prime considered to be the fastest merchant ship afloat. The authors assert confidently that all American-built ships which might fairly be classed as of sharp or clipper models, are mentioned in these books, while, per contra, there may appear some vessels called mediums which were ordinary cargo carriers. Except in a few instances no vessels are described that were built later than 1858. The authors drew on original contemporary sources (as early as 1877 research work had begun in San Francisco which was still underway in 1926). The volumes are illustrated with 2 coloured and 112 black & white plates.

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