Hampshire, A. Cecil.


William Kimber, 1st.ed., 1983. 208 pp., 25 photo-plates & 4 maps. D.j., 24 x 15cm. V.G.+. Spearheading British assault waves in every Allied invasion of World War II were parties of khaki-clad Royal Navy officers and ratings whose principal tasks were to secure the beach-head in the face of enemy defensive fire, and direct and control the arrival of successive waves of landing craft bringing ashore the main body of fighting troops and their equipment. Above the famous Combined Operations badge on the shoulders of their battledress they wore a special flash which bore the words R. N. Commando. This is their story. Royal Navy Commandos took part in combined ops in Madagascar, Dieppe, North Africa, Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, northern Italy, Adriatic, on the steaming disease-ridden Arakan coast of Burma, and finally on the Normandy beaches. Their story is hitherto untold ; few even realize they existed. Illustrated with 25 photographs and 4 maps.

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