Fell, Captain W. R.


Cassell, 1st ed., 1966. 232 pp., 33 photo-plates, 5 maps & 2 diagrams. D.j., 22 x 14cm. V.G. The author produced the Royal Navy's first human torpedo or chariot which he designed for use against the TIRPITZ which was sheltering in her fortress in occupied Norway. This book tells of his life in British submarines and his wartime career from anti-U-boat patrol off the Irish coast, to the final defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific. Captain Fell's more sensational exploits included the evacuation of troops from Norway in unarmed fishing boats, and an attempt to sail a 6,000-ton fireship into Boulogne. Essentially it is the story of the development and operation of the human torpedo and its successor, the X-craft or midget submarine. Illustrated with 33 photographs, 5 maps and 2 diagrams.

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