Drummond, John D.


1st ed., 1958. 228 pp., frontis + 14 other photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 15cm. Torn dust-jacket (in protective plastic sleeve) o/w V.G. Hitler considered his U-boat fleet to be of such importance that he ordered every U-boat loss to be reported to him immediately. In August 1941, however, there was a loss which Doenitz could not explain – U.570 had suddenly vanished without trace. Some time later German Naval Intelligence was receiving alarming reports of a ghost U-boat operating with her sisters. In fact U.570 had been captured by British aircraft – one of only two U-boats to surrender before they were defeated – and she was now collecting vital intelligence for the Admiralty as HMS GRAPH. On one occasion she even managed to sink an unsuspecting U-boat. This is the first account of this remarkable episode in the war at sea.

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