Corbett, Sir Julian S.


2 Vols., 2nd.ed., 1918. Vol. I : Xi + 476 pp., 10 maps & plans (all cold., 3 fldg.). Vol. II : Vii + 409 pp., 4 maps, charts & plans (3 cold.). Blue cloth ; gilt., 20 x 14cm. Some wear to extremities of binding, o/w V.G. In 1901 the Naval War College was established in Portsmouth (it later moved to Greenwich and remained there until recently) and Corbett joined a year later as Lecturer in Naval History. Following the success of his England in the Mediterranean, he followed it up with this work first published in 1907 ; a study that grew directly out of the lectures at the College. It established Corbett's reputation as a great strategic thinker and Mahan referred to it repeatedly in his own lectures delivered at the US Naval War College. Corbett also used this material to make up his Naval Strategy (1911) and takes an intensive and deliberate strategic analysis of the overall conduct of the Seven Years' War, spoken of as the "Maritime War" ; rich in brilliant actions except for the Minorca operation and Byng's subsequent trial and execution. The Seven Year's War (1756-1763), was fought between Great Britain, Prussia, and Hanover on the one side ; France, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Saxony, and eventually Spain on the other ' the first global war. The end of the conflict left Britain supreme in Canada, India and on the seas, with Prussia in possession of Silesia. This second edition was published towards the end of the 1914-1918 war in two small volumes.

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