Cooper, Bryan.


1st.ed., 1970. 296 pp., 30 photo-plates & 10 maps ; pict. e.p's. D.j. 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. This was the first complete survey of both Allied and Axis MTBs of World War II ; vessels often in close combat with their opposite numbers at high speeds. In the Pacific (where John F. Kennedy was in command of one of these boats) they operated far from the protection of their home bases. In the British raid on St. Nazaire, and during the evacuation of Dunkirk, MTBs closely engaged E-boats in fierce fighting ' often at night owing to their vulnerability from air attack. In this account the author includes some excellent photographs to illustrate his text, describing operations in home waters, in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, in the Far East and the Pacific etc. Vessels include Vosper and Fairmile boats as well as American, German and Japanese craft. Illustrated with 30 photographs & 10 maps.

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