Buchheim, Lothar-Gunther.


Bantam ed., 1979. Unpaginated, 205 photo-ills. Pict. c.c., 28 x 21cm. V.G. First published in Germany in 1976, this pictorial study of Second World War German U-boats comes from the author of the celebrated novel Das Boot. Buchheim describes factual submarine life in the Atlantic from 1939 to 1945, selecting 205 photographs from his unique collection of over 5000 examples. As official artist he was sent to sea in a U-boat to take action-pictures for propaganda purposes and given unlimited film supplies and permission to film whatever he wanted. He was appalled by what he witnessed and captured on film ; the harshness of life in a U-boat both in action and during the boredom of long fruitless patrols. He smuggled his photographs to a place of safety when Hitler's regime fell in 1945.

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