Broome, Jack.


FIRST EDITION 1955. 224 pp., many drawings by the author. D.j., 22 x 14cm. V.G. The author provides a richly entertaining and often humorous study of naval messages described as "Naval history told solely in the terse language of the signalmen." Captain Broome begins by describing some special flags and customs of the sea, going on to give by way of example some famous, and not so famous, naval signals from 1779 to 1954. These include the most celebrated signal in history, Nelson's message as the British fleet bore down on the combined fleets of the enemy at Trafalgar. However the richest source emanates from the Second World War and the author brings to light signals exchanged during events such as the sinking of the SCHARNHORST, on Russian convoy duty, the sinking of the RAWALPINDI, and in the hunt and destruction of the BISMARCK. Illustrated with the author's celebrated drawings First Edition copy.

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