Bickers, Richard Townshend.


Shrewsbury, 1st ed., 1996. 172 pp., 24 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. Of all the First World War's fighter aces, the legendary von Richthofen has captured the world's imagination more than any other pilot of that era. But was his reputation inspired by the Kaiser's propaganda machine or was the legend created by Allied pilots who were outfought by Germany's advanced technology rather than the Baron's pure combat skills in the air ? In this book the author puts the facts behind the German ace's fighting record into perspective with other famous fighter pilots of both World Wars. In World War II the technical balances between the combatants were far more evenly weighed and tests of fighting skills were highly tactical, faster and more frequently lethal. The author shows that conditions in World War II were generally less favourable to fighter pilots than in von Richthofen's time. An interesting study.

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